The Adventures of Long Tail

This book is based upon a family of cats that have human characteristics. The animal families face challenging problems with wild dogs and other cats. They learn  to trust humans who give them loving care and kindness.


The story tells about a cat family that not only loves and cares for its members, but also stands together against their enemies. It explains how cats and squirrels become good friends by helping each other.


The book is written for children aged 8-11, however, every adult who has read it said they not only enjoyed it, but were left with a loving, lasting feeling, which they thought would be a wonderful influence for children to share.


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The Adventures of Long Tail


Chapter One - Boots, Long Tail, and Family


“Hurry, hurry,” said Boots to her kittens. “Run faster, faster!”


Boots could see that Biscuit, her youngest son, wasn’t moving fast enough; she would have to carry him. Gently she scooped him up by the scruff of the neck and ran to catch up to the others. Long Tail, her mate, was leading them to the garage where they lived.


Boots glanced over her shoulder to see if Warrior, the mad dog, was still chasing them. There he was! Only a few more feet and they would all be safe from him. Boots saw her daughter, Red, and her oldest son, Whiskers, running with Long Tail as they ran under the door near the drain­age ditch. The rest of her family was safe! As Boots continued running towards the garage she wondered if she and Biscuit would be able to reach the garage before Warrior caught them.


With a last burst of speed Boots slid under the door while still hold­ing her son between her jaws. Safe! She could breath easier now.


Gently placing Biscuit on the floor, Boots followed her mate Long Tail into the storage room that the Lady had fixed for them. She could still hear Warrior angrily growling and yelling in frustration. He is a dangerous enemy, thought Boots.


“We have to be more careful, Long Tail,” said Boots. “Today was a little too close for comfort.”


Biscuit, Boots’ youngest and smallest child, was sulking in a corner, roughly licking his little paws. “Momma, why did you carry me?” he asked. “I would have been able to keep up with the others!”


“I’m sorry, son,” answered Boots. “Warrior was gaining on us and I didn’t want to take the chance that he might catch you. Don’t worry Biscuit; soon you’ll be big and strong and able to run faster.”


Biscuit’s sister and brother, Red and Whiskers, walked up to him and gently licked his face.


“I’m glad that Momma carried you, Biscuit,” said Red. “If anything happened to you we would miss you very much. Come on. Let’s play with the new ball that the Lady gave us! Come on, Biscuit, we’ll even let you play first!”


Biscuit licked Red and Whiskers, feeling a little better. “Well, okay,” said Biscuit, and they all ran to find the ball.


Long Tail and Boots watched their little kittens run around the garage. Today was a close call. Warrior was getting more vicious each day. Boots lay down in the basket that the Lady had fixed for them. She could remember a time not too long ago when there wasn’t a basket, and she and Long Tail were hungry and tired...


Chapter Two - Boots and Long Tail


About four months ago Long Tail found a space between a door and a drainage ditch that lead into a garage. Long Tail entered first, making sure that it was safe. He looked around, and not seeing anyone, called to Boots to enter. She followed him in, and saw that they were in a large room, with one car parked in it.


“Boots, it looks like humans live here. I don’t know if this place will be safe,” said Long Tail. As he moved around the car, Long Tail walked to an open door that went into a storage room. He looked in, making sure that there were no other animals inside. He saw a large tool box on wheels, some brooms, and a few other items that Long Tail had never seen before. Boots followed him.


“Long Tail, this is a warm, dry place to have our babies. I don’t know if humans lived here at one time, but I don’t hear them, and this place looks like it hasn’t been used for some time. Let’s stay for a while.” 


Boots entered the storage room and softly padded over to the far wall behind the tool box. She sat down with relief. Her babies were due anytime now. She was lucky to be here. It was warm and dry.


For seven days Boots and Long Tail lived safely and securely in the garage. There was no activity from the house. Maybe no one lived here, after all, they both thought.


One day, without warning, they both heard a terrible noise. The garage door was opening! Humans were coming! Boots and Long Tail quietly hid behind the tool box, hoping that they would not be found. They watched through the open doorway of the storage room as a car pulled into the garage and parked next to the other car. Two car doors opened. 


All Boots could see were human feet and legs, but she could hear voices. There were two people, a Lady and a Man. The Lady’s voice was soft and gentle, and the Man’s was deep and strong. Boots and Long Tail could hear the humans laughing as they got out of the car. They watched as the human feet walked over to another door and disappeared.


That night Boots had her babies.






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